I Don’t Even Have A Ukulele… Yet

Well, you are at a Ukulele Festival, so good start. There is something different about Ukulele Festivals as opposed to other festivals. You could talk to someone who is an absolute beginner player, or someone who has been playing for decades. They will both have a friendly and welcoming attitude to whatever ukulele question you ask them. That is not the norm for a music festival. That is special.

So, Welcome!

This workshop will be like that first time you rode a motorbike and changed from 1st to 2nd gear for the first time. That first time you successfully change chords while maintaining a basic strumming pattern will have you just as hooked.

No ukulele experience required, no ukulele required – I have one for you to borrow.

Just bring yourself, a positive attitude towards making mistakes and a willingness to give it a go.

Plus, wouldn’t it annoy the partner that dragged you along to this festival to see you up on stage playing a song after just 50 minutes practice?