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Ukus in Fabula is the Italian ukulele band playing on the international music scene. It has toured Europe, playing concerts in Lithuania, Germany, Latvia, Czech Republic, Finland, Austria and Scotland. It has taken part in international festivals and in national TV shows “Si può fare” (Rai), “Italia’s got talent” (Sky), and “XFactor” (Sky).
A 2018 full of important things. Events in Australia, Scotland, Israel (May and December), and in Austria, in addition to the always intense, live activities in Italy. Also worth mentioning is the collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Israel and with the Embassy of Great Britain in Rome. In 2019 the band flies to Finland for the Tropical Winter Ukulele Festival, returns to Scotland for the third time, for the Ukulele Festival of Scotland, playing with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (the world’s most famous ukulele ensemble), and plays in Poland for the Cali Poznan Ukulele Festival.
Thanks to the technical skills and to the abundant musical ideas, Ukus in Fabula ranges from reggae to rock, touching on singer-songwriter and top-ofthe-charts hits. They often mix everything into funny and ingenious mash-ups.
Three professional musicians. They all sing and play the bass, tenor, and soprano ukuleles, kazoo and foot-drum. This explosive mix of sounds, colours and personalities makes Ukus in Fabula eclectic and unique. Their sound ranges from a classic and traditional acoustic trio to a complete rock band, with distortion effects… And more!
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Ukus In Fabula are:

Daniele Dencs – Bass Ukulele, Footdrum and Vocals

Cristiano Riccardi – Tenor Ukulele and Vocals

Dario Bellaveglia – Tenor Ukulele and Vocals


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