Although named Gypsy Spelling I present my artworks under the alias “Pencil Tattooist“, as my art style was developed from old school Tattoo images drawn directly onto my Double Bass using Pencil.

“from the age of fourteen my love for music playing alternated between bass and six string guitar, while my drawing exposed a constant expression of artistic attitude.”

I wondered if it would be possible to combine the passions of Tattoos and Music?

For years I trialled and refined the methods but not with great success until finding a strong relationship between Pencil & Artistic Sealer, and from this Tinct (formally known as Double Bass Tattoo) was born 9 May 2011.
Utilising my artistic talents through the process of preparing the selected musical instrument (Guitar, Double Bass, Violin, Banjo, Ukulele or Drum), applying pencil detail to it, artistic sealer then clear coat to seal, producing depth, definition and a lifetime of unique imagery.
These Pencil Tattoos are applied to previously lacquered finishes or raw timber. The method of mixing both of the artistic & chemically proven features of these tools of Pencil Tattooing produce an amazing result that cannot be matched by any other previously used method.