We are a trio of ukers that only play music that makes us feel good. Our repertoire ranges across decades and styles. We love to reimagine songs through harmonising, arranging and including other instruments as accents to the uke. Most of all we love the humble uke and try to stretch its capacity through picking, strumming styles, pedals and often playing different parts. 

We have performed at MUF 2022, Gigarre Moosic Muster 2022, Klub MUF 2021, Klub MUK, Virtual HUF 2021 and Whittlesea Uke Muster 2020. We have also run an AUTLA workshop and lead Girgarre ‘Out of the hat bands’.

You can check out our music videos on our facebook page.

We’re thrilled to be both performing and running a workshop at HUF 2022!!

Melissa, Mike and Melanie (MMM)