Learn how to spice up an arrangement.

Taking a well known song we will lead you through the process of bringing it to life layer by layer.

By the end of this workshop we aim for you to have-

  • an arrangement of a popular song

  • a musical toolbox of techniques to help you spice up your own arrangements including riffs, bass line, instrumental and percussive strumming patterns

  • tips on how to find harmonies and where to include them

Who are we? We are a trio of ukers called ‘Things that make you go MMM’. We have performed at HUF, MUF and regular Klub MUK’s. Earlier this year we ran a workshop at AUTLA and lead ‘Out of a Hat’ bands at Girgarre Moosic Muster. You can check us out at-

We are very excited to present this workshop at HUF 2022. 

Melanie Jacobsen, Mike Williamson and Melissa James