The Facebook Livefeed is due to start at 2.15pm on Sunday the 22nd of May (AEST) 

The Hills Ukulele Festival keeps striving to get bigger and better each year.

The past two years has been an online experience. As such, we have been able to build an international following and have been able to invite groups from all over the world to send in a video and take part in our ukulele community.

This year, we return to a live format, but we don’t want to leave all our international friends out in the cold.

Our solution is to hold a free online event on Sunday the 22nd of May (AEST – Australian Eastern Standard Time).

This event will contain highlights and interviews with artists during the live festival the weekend before as well as videos from ukulele groups all over the world.

Join us on Facebook and be a part of a Really Big Community.