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Sharing music has always been a big part of the joy for me, and over the years  I have played many instruments, but it’s the Baritone ukulele that has really captured my musical heart. My musical style is pretty eclectic, with a mixtures of blues, folk, and jazz just to name a few. I am always happy to go wherever the music takes me.

I have played in several bands/duos over the years, and am currently working on my first solo album for baritone uke and other instruments, and my first uke book (secret squirrel, no details yet! lol)

I also run Four Inch Cats ( where you can find a wealth of uke resources), teaching and running Ukulele workshops (both free and paid) and recently launched my YouTube channel, where you can find some of the workshop replays. (

I am a very strong believer in the concept of the “Rear Guard”, with everyone included and no uke left behind.

I share my home in Melbourne, Australia with the love of my life (my bass/keyboard playing hubby) and our three feline overlords.

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