The last thing I ever expected was to amplify my Uke when I first started playing about 7 years ago. That proved very wrong when I was asked to join the amplified rhythm section of the Subiaco Ukulele Free For All(SUFFA) and to play on the main stage at the local Subiaco Street Festival. Each of these situations required a different solution.

This workshop will demonstrate the solutions I had to find to be part of that ‘Wall of Sound’ rhythm section but still maintain the ‘Ukeness’ of my instruments and to discover a ‘sonic signature’ that was appropriate for my groups repertoire.

Using my Ukuleles, Banjolele and Appalachian Dulcimer I will discuss and demonstrate how I created my own personal sound.

Workshop topics and demonstrations will include:

Pickups: Active or Passive? Transducer or Piezo?;

Choosing an Amp: Portability, Plug in or Battery?;

My First Pedal: Pre Amplification, EQ, Compression, Feedback Control; Distortion and Overdrive Pedals;

Changing Pitch and Dynamics: Octavers and Compressors; Creating Ambiance and

Replicating Sound: Reverbs, Delays and Loopers.

Extensive workshop notes will be available on request for workshop participants.