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Fluke’s “Four Horsemen” show began as a serialised ukulele cabaret at Club MUK in Northcote.

We started with PESTILENCE, then went into lockdown. We came back and did FAMINE, then went into lockdown and most of the food disappeared off the shelves of supermarkets. We came back and did WAR and Putin invaded Ukraine. Finally, we came back and did DEATH and there has been plenty of it lately. The show was presented in full at MUF 2022.

On the Eve of Destruction, in a world plagued by pestilence, fatigued by famine, weakened by war and doomed to death, perhaps it’s time to take a gleeful gallop with The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!

Rhonda and Russel met at MUK. Rhonda has a background in theatre and Russel has a background in music.