AUTLA (Australian Ukulele Teachers & Leaders Association) is very proud to spearhead this initiative.
The band OK GO is an internationally acclaimed group, famous for some of the most amazing music videos
on the internet.
This song was written by the band members in isolation during lockdown in 2020. They invited the world to take
part and over 15,000 people took them up on their offer.

They had to make 6 versions of the music video to fit everyone in!

AUTLA (with the permission and support of the band and management) plans to invite as many ukulele
groups as possible around Australia to take part in our own video.
The main themes of the song are dealing with the sense of isolation and loneliness that comes from
experiencing a lockdown and how we are alone, but still all together.
These are themes that I think we can all get behind. Whether our state has been locked down for short or
long periods, we’ve all been affected.

This workshop will run through the many possible parts for the song covering beginner to advanced skills (so there is something for everybody) and then invite the participants to join in and perform the song during the Lunchtime Concerts.

This performance will be recorded and become a part of the AUTLA National Initiative.