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The lovely folk of the Yarra YUkers want to share our joy in music. Directed by Harry Harrison, the group has been changing and learning and performing since around 2015 and have become regulars at M.U.F., H.U.F., the monthly KLUB MUK ukulele open mic nights in Northcote, occasionally at local markets and even managed spontaneous rousing renditions of ‘happy birthday’ in the bar-room at The Retreat Hotel!   We meet on Tuesday nights in Abbotsford, Melbourne.  We are proud that several ukulele performing groups featured at festivals have developed out of YY. Our setlists are eclectic and our songs are always arranged with a view to developing lead singing and harmonies, improving our uke-playing skills and seeing if we can’t get you to dance, laugh or even pull out your hankie to dab away a tear!