You know some chords and you can strum down and up to create some different rhythms, but you are not satisfied.  “How can I turn my ok strumming into great strumming?”, you wonder. If you want to take your strumming to the next level, this is the workshop for you.

See, the first sentence of this blurb describes a person controlling the chords and rhythm but nothing else.  Just like adding certain ingredients to a dish can give the food a more interesting flavour, we can add flavour to our strumming by varying things like the volume of our strum, how long each strum is sustained and by adding percussive sounds.

You will learn to combine these ingredients in different ways so that you can strum along with pretty much any song and really feel like you are rocking it.  During the afternoon concert, you will also have the opportunity to really feel like you are rocking it, onstage with Yanai, strumming along to one of the songs in the “Morris and Son” set.

This workshop is not about being clever, though feeling clever may be a byproduct.  It is about being in control of your music, being able to capture or express a feeling through the music you are playing, and it’s about being as excited and inspired by the way you are playing now as you were about wanting to play in the first place.