Workshop with Yanai Morris

So you’re having a pretty good time strumming some chords along to your favourite songs.  That’s great. Lots of songs sound great when you strum them. Have you ever tried playing some songs though where you felt like maybe there was a different way of approaching the way you play those chords that might suit the song better?

Most musicians and music teachers differentiate between playing chords (3 or more notes at a time) and melody (one note at a time).  With the ukulele, there’s a whole spectrum between strumming chords and plucking melodies, a grey area so to speak, and I will be your guide as we explore this vast and fascinating terrain.  You will learn that strumming and plucking are, unlike oil and water, two ingredients that can be mixed together easily and in various ratios.

You will also learn an awesome song (by me) which you will have the opportunity to apply your new skills to and perform on stage (with me).