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Workshop with Yanai Morris, director of The UFO

According to many people who saw The UFO play at the Melbourne Ukulele Festival this year ( some of whom have seen the group play every year since their first performance in 2012), it was their best show ever.  There are reasons for this. Since the end of last year, we have been focussing on activities specifically relating to performing: physically embodying the music we are playing, connecting with the music and with the rest of the group, and personal expression.  The difference between just playing music and performing is often an ephemeral subject that is hard to pin down, so we hear people say things like, “you’ve either got it or you don’t”. The truth is that teaching people how to perform better is a standard part of any drama class.  It is also what sports psychology is all about. The great outcomes from sports psychology are now being replicated by utilising the same ideas in other areas such as music performance.

In this workshop, you will experience some of the ideas and activities that have made the biggest positive differences in the performance experience of The UFO.