Check out the Downloadable Hills Ukulele Festival Program by Clicking the Link Below.

Hills Ukulele Festival 2018 Downloadable Program


We have tried to both streamline and keep costs to a minimum for you the festival goer this year.

There are two options for Passes.

A $35 Day Pass for either the Saturday or Sunday or

A $65 Weekend Pass for BOTH Days.

These passes will provide you entry to ALL workshops and the Gala Afternoon Concert for the day your pass is valid.

For the non playing ukulele enthusiast, the vast majority of the festival is free to enjoy. However, the 3pm concert on both days are ticketed events. To cater to your interest, there is also a $15 concert ticket available online and at the door on the day.

There is no need to book into workshops beforehand. You have a Day Pass – go to one workshop, go to more than one, you are welcome to make up your mind on the day.

The price for workshops at other festivals can start to add up if you are feeling like going to a lot of them. Here at The Hills Ukulele Festival, we want you to feel comfortable (financially as well as emotionally) about going to as many workshops as you like.

The only other cost involved in the festival is a $15 entry fee for the HUF Awards Talent Competitions. You can watch them for free, but you must book in to compete. Some fabulous prizes are up for grabs.

Should I book online or buy a pass on the day?

Good question, you could do either, but we estimate that a prebooked festival goer will get to the ticket booth and be on their way to a workshop or performance in 30 seconds or less. Buying on the day will take up to 2 minutes per person if you are paying by credit card. Imagine a line of people in front of you and decide which plan works best for you. Also, prebooking will make life less stressful for the many people putting this festival together – For example, Imagine if we ran out of wine on Saturday night because we underestimated the crowd?!