Betty France and Cate Jardine discovered each other in the early days of MUK (Melbourne Ukulele Kollective).

 Inspired by the many amazing artists they have listened to and covered over the years, the Hulas embarked on a song writing journey that draws from a shared love of harmony, folk music and good times. 

They weave obscure tales of mythical women, sweet odes to pets and laments about children and errant friends and unruly animal friends. 

Known for their deft uke playing and beautiful harmonies they are wickedly funny, somewhat naughty and have the sense not to take themselves too seriously.

They have performed at several MUF’s since 2011 and also at Island View Ukulele Festival in Opotiki, New Zealand as well as at music/folk festivals, venues and art galleries around Victoria. Their popular ukulele workshops are a staple at Fiddlers Festival and Kelly Country Pick.

Cate Jardine started on uke in Rotarua at the age of 10 and has never put it down. She performed regularly with well known singer songwriter Alyce Platt and has guested with various bands. She also plays a mean mandolin these days and that other six stringed instrument.

Betty France started playing uke at the birth of MUK. As well as the Hulas she is one third of The Thin White Ukes. She fronted Betty’s Driving Force – a blues/jazz trio and does a sassy ukulele jazz diva thing with Oscar France – her son and piano player extraordinaire.