Longbeach Ukes (LUKES) started about 8 years ago with 7 people in a garage in Aspendale and has grown organically to a group of 118 members.

The Club is a friendly, vibrant music club that features the ukulele but welcomes a variety of other instruments. At least 50 members gather every Tuesday evening at the Carrum Activity Hub for two hours of jamming, in the round sing-a-longs, Hat Band Workshops, guest led demonstrations and classes, Open Mic performances individually or in groups or a range of Theme Nights.
Beginners classes are held on Thursday evenings twice per month and run my more competent members, who volunteer their time to encourage learners.
Members enjoy learning, playing, rehearsing and performing at whatever level they find comfortable. The music enjoyed is an eclectic mix covering wartime songs to modern contemporary numbers, though the mid to late 20th century songs feature heavily and reflect the general age and tastes of the group. As a club we have a sub-group of performers know as LEGS (Lukes Entertainment Group) who entertain at community events, aged retirement facilities, festivals and the like.
LUKES welcomes new members, who primarily enjoy having fun, playing enthusiastically and singing their hearts out with like-minded members of the community. Mastering the ukulele is a bonus!

Find out more about us on our website https://www.longbeachukes.com.au