What is more complex than organizing a Ukulele Festival? Organizing two Ukulele Festivals at the same time!

Emerald Primary School is committed to furthering music education. As such, while the regular festival is running, we are going to have a school student festival running along at the same time.

On Sunday the 17th of May, there will be free workshops run by Yanai Morris, Chantelle Riordan, Dan MacEoin and many others for ukulele playing school students. Whether you are only getting started or want to find your next challenge on the uke, there will be something for you at this workshop.

In addition to things for students, on Friday the 15th of May, 2020, AUTLA (Australian Ukulele Teachers & Leaders Association) are running a PD Day of workshops for teachers and student teachers as well. Come along and pick up some new ideas for the classroom and network with fellow ukulele teachers.

There will also be a free StrumAlong with over 100 students so far representing over 10 schools across Victoria. The chord charts for the strumalong playlist will be available to download further down this page.

Come along and be a part of something huge.

Finally, there is the Junior H.U.F. Awards,  a talent competition for school aged players with some awesome prizes for best solo and best group. Booking Entry for these awards costs $15 and can be done from the same link to buy passes for the festival.

The workshops, the StrumAlong and watching the HUF Awards are all free. However, we will be passing the hat for a Gold Coin Donation to pay for the Extra Sound Engineer.


Below are the PDF Files for the Student StrumAlong

Bad Moon Rising

cup song

Riptide New Key

The Passenger Advanced

Wake Me Up Avicii With Riff

Easy Songs Collection