Dan has been a student of music, theatre and circus for over three decades. He has been teaching these skills to primary school students for over two of those decades. He is currently writing this and feeling sort of old.

The ukulele is a fantastic instrument with which to teach music theory. The students don’t even realize they are doing work. They are too busy having fun and achieving a feeling of success. It is one of the few instruments that an absolute beginner can pick up and be playing a song off the radio (maybe not perfectly, but at least recognizably)  after just ten minutes of practice. That instant success is what keeps people interested in learning more.

He is currently the music teacher at Emerald Primary School, the Chairperson of the Hills Ukulele Festival Committee and the President of AUTLA (Australian Ukulele Teachers & Leaders Association).

You can usually spot him by his bright and colourful shirts, but at this festival….