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Come along and release the pent-up energy of all that lockdown time in a joyous celebration of all things ukulele with the fun and vibrant duo Dafka. We’ve chosen a sparkling variety of well known popular, rock and folk songs to join in with. Bring your voices! The strummalong is suitable for a wide range of players.

Dafka is a fun and vibrant duo. Tightly arranged jazz, blues, folk, Gypsy, klezmer, exciting originals and French songs are given the Dafka treatment. Dafka is as eclectic as they come, genre bending, easily blurring the musical lines between jazz, modern acoustic, blues, bossa nova and originals while tossing in flavours of Eastern European folk. Rebecca and David create a sound that is simply indescribable as anything other than Dafka’s own music, using their ukuleles, guitar, percussion, harmonica and vocals to push musical boundaries as far as they can with an easy going wink and a broad smile.